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Introduction to Viaan hydrogen water ionizer

Viaan Water Science Pvt Ltd is dedicated to promoting holistic wellbeing by introducing an innovative solution that aims to revolutionize our perspective and usage of water for health and wellness. Today's modern lifestyle focuses on symptom relief rather than addressing the root causes of ailments, leading to a significant gap between effective treatment and sustainable wellness.
Viaan acknowledges the crucial importance of a holistic approach that considers physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as interconnected elements of overall health. To empower individuals to achieve comprehensive wellbeing, Viaan bridges the gap between health and lifestyle solutions.
We are proud to introduce the first-ever indigenously manufactured Hydrogen Water Ionizer in India. With over 40 years of dedicated research by esteemed Japanese and South Korean scientists, we bring you a groundbreaking product that will revolutionize the way you use water in your everyday life.

The Future of Drinking Water and Health

While purification is commonly known as a means to improve the quality of drinking water, there is more to enhancing our water than just ensuring its safety. Japan, renowned for its impressive health and longevity statistics, has shed light on additional methods to enrich water.
Researchers discovered the phenomenon of longevity clusters and identified hydrogen water as a contributing factor. They found that consuming water with a pH level above 7, the neutral range, had significant benefits. Hydrogen water occurs naturally in areas with abundant mineral deposits. Building on these findings, Japanese and South Korean researchers developed hydrogen water ionizers to bring this goodness to ordinary tap water. These innovations aim to provide individuals with water that goes beyond safety, offering potential health benefits.
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Advantages of Ionized Water

Hydrogen ionized water has been widely used in Japanese households since its legal approval in 1965. Over the course of nearly fifty years of research, the Japanese have discovered that drinking hydrogen ionized water can greatly improve overall well-being by alleviating three key factors contributing to sickness, disease, and premature aging: over acidity, dehydration, and cellular, tissue, and organ aging.
Ionization brings about three effects: increasing the water's pH level 8 to 8.5,, breaking down water molecules into smaller clusters for easy cellular absorption, and enhancing the water's antioxidant properties. A single glass of hydrogen water contains antioxidants equivalent to a large basket of apples.

Its smaller water molecule clusters effortlessly penetrate cells, delivering instant hydration with unrivalled efficiency.

Drinking hydrogen water introduces molecular hydrogen, which helps neutralize excess acidity and restore pH balance in the body.

Enhance your overall well-being by harnessing the remarkable power of antioxidants, which effectively combat free radicals and oxidative Stress.

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