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Molecular Hydrogen may have wide-ranging and significant health benefits, and the evidence is strong. Over 1000+ peer-reviewed scientific articles have shown H2’s remarkable potential for over 170+ disease models, and many more high-impact clinical studies are underway. In addition, studies have demonstrated H2’s possible benefits for boosting physical and cognitive performance.
The studies on this page serve as the foundation for our programs, and they have enabled us to develop these powerful modalities. Our team is constantly scouring the scientific literature for the most cutting-edge and trailblazing studies in the field, and for the first time ever, a comprehensive list of the studies is available here. By clicking on any of the health conditions below, you’ll be taken to a list of corresponding scientific studies.
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Hydrogen is a smart & natural antioxidant, which is Selective, clean, and safe. While taking high doses of other supplemental antioxidants which has negative health effects, Molecular Hydrogen ONLY scavenges and neutralizes the harmful free radicals, leaving the beneficial ones alone. Many antioxidants leave behind toxic by products, but water is the only by product of H2. See the evidence-based studies related to molecular hydrogen’s safety profile below.
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Plain tap water already contains hydrogen, but hydrogen water has additional hydrogen gas dissolved into it. It does not alter the pH or change the structure of the water molecule. One study conducted by a team of Japanese researchers in 2017, concluded, “HRW [Hydrogen rich water] administration for 4 weeks in adult volunteers improved mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function, suggesting that HRW administration may offer an effective method to reinforce QOL [quality of life] and maintain good health.” The data found no negative side effects among participants.
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Dr. Dana G. Cohen, MD

Manhattan, USA https://www.naturalmedicinejournal. com/ journal/going-beyond- hype-hydrogen-water
Hydrogen water has health benefits which include increasing antioxidant activity, inhibiting apoptosis and inflammation, modulating immune regulation, and regulating autophagy, circadian rhythm, and mitochondria. Metabolic syndrome is another area where there is growing research regarding the benefits of hydrogen water.
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Kei Mizuno

Osaka City University Center for Health Science Innovation, Osaka, Japan, and Department of Medical Science on Fatigue, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka, Japan) and others – https://www.ncbi.
Hydrogen has anti-oxidant activity and can prevent inflammation, and may thus contribute to improve Quality of life (QOL). We conducted a study to investigate the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water (HRW) on the QOL of adult volunteers using psychophysiological tests, including questionnaires and tests of autonomic nerve function and cognitive function. We found that HRW improves mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function, suggesting that hydrogen-rich water may offer an effective method to reinforce QOL and maintain good health.

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